Nice to see the Sox have a fairly easy time of it on the road last night, with a home run from Wonderboy Drew, four hits from Kevin “I get knocked down, but I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down” Youk and three from the Elf, who is suddenly slappin’ balls like he’s been chomped by a radioactive spider. Even better, Daisuke helped erase those memories of St. Louis treating him like a guy on his first night in prison by striking out the first three batters of the game, and surrendering a paltry two hits over five innings for the win.

The only bummer of the night? Seeing Okajima continue to struggle out of the pen. Oh, and the news that Covelli will miss the Tampa Bay series, serving his newly-reduced five game suspension. Come on, people. Have you no flair for the dramatic?