Although it seems about as likely as catching Mike Timlin at an Everything But The Girl concert, Rob Bradford tells us that gentleman Sean Casey is good pals with underwear sportin’ pro rassler Ric Flair:

[Casey] struck up a friendship with Flair while visiting backstage at a pro wrestling match. [He] carried his admiration of the longtime wrestler into the Red Sox’ clubhouse, where he religiously greets teammates with a special handshake punctuated by a “Woooooooo!!”

And then came a recent voicemail from the 59-year-old grappler, urging on the Sox and further fueling the team’s new clubhouse ritual.

“I have just always loved wrestling,” said Casey, who had the team in stitches by playing a video from his guest referee appearance at a pro wrestling match, “and if you love wrestling, Ric Flair is wrestling.”

Honestly, folks, the very fact that Sean Casey is walking around the Sox clubhouse randomly shouting “Woooooooo!” is enough awesomeness to get me through the off-day.