Since the start of the 2004 season, Red and I have opened the door to the dark and twisted corners of our minds where our Red Sox fandom lives. Surprisingly, many of you have not only crossed the threshold to that often-scary place, but you’ve come back daily. For that, we are grateful – we worry about your sanity – but we are grateful nonetheless.

Four years, thousands of posts, and two World Championships later, here we are. Just a few old friends drinking a beer or two…or ten, shooting the breeze about our favorite team, or the team we hate, or puppets or music or whatever. It’s all good.

Meanwhile, the marketing machine that is the Boston Red Sox, has grown quite a bit over these years. First, they introduced the concept of Red Sox Nation as a members-only (for those who fork over the cash) club. Next, they held election to name the President of RSN. And now, the “official” cabinet of RSN is being sought. So, here we go…

Red and I are officially throwing our hats in the ring as co-governors of the Massachusetts branch of Red Sox Nation. I have no idea what that really means, other than we might get to rub elbows with Remdawg, carry DO’s bags to his car, or make sure there are plenty of “D” batteries around for Jim Ed’s seizure-inducing shirt-and-tie combos. But that’s the level of commitment we are willing to make. And if it gives us the opportunity to “accidentally” brush up against Heidi Watney’s finely-tuned ass, well, every job has a few perks.

We really have nothing to offer, other than our love of the team and a slogan along the lines of “it could be someone worse than us that wins.”

The next step is to trick a bunch of people into endorsing us…that’s where you come in. We are registered under the name “Surviving Grady” and my e-mail address,

You will need this information to endorse us at the link below:

Endorse Red and Denton!

More to come on this, including Red’s empty campaign promises and some scandalous rumors we will make up about anyone who runs against us.

Thanks in advance!