I’m a big fan of irony (with “chicanery” and “feel-uppery” running neck-in-neck for second place). So I found this bit of Jonny Gomes ephemera, from the Rays’ official site, rather entertaining:

The Legends of Wrestling Night at Tropicana Field took place after Friday’s game, and a surprise visitor showed at the evening’s final match.

Rays outfielder Jonny Gomes arrived on the scene just in time to help the Nasty Boys avoid a defeat. Brian “Nasty” Knobs, of the Nasty Boys, is a regular at Rays games and a frequent visitor to the Rays’ clubhouse. At one point Gomes, tossed a garbage can to Knobs, who used it to “brain” one of their opponents.

“Knobs hit him upside the head and one, two, three, we were champs,” Gomes said. “It was fun, man. I can’t imagine the adrenalin rush those guys get. That’s the main event. Everyone’s watching you. That was a good time.”

Not as good a time, I’m sure, as having Gomes strapped to a medical gurney while Johnny Pesky teabags him mercilessly. But, hey, what do I know?