…and the winner of our magical DVD contest is the “grandma” story. All of the entries got a healthy number of votes, but grandma took it in a landslide.

Now, because we’re always thinking of you–our valued reader–and because we got so many quality entries (and equally entertaining votes), we decided to give a DVD set to the entry that got the second highest number of votes as well, which was the Kevin Millar/Field of Dreams mash-up.

As for the random drawing for the third DVD set, the lucky name pulled from the hat is… Celina H (the Bill Buckner entry).

So there you have it. Thanks once again to everyone who entered, and thanks to everyone who voted. We’ll be in touch with the winners to, y’know, get them their copies of Essential Games of Fenway Park. And, as promised, we’ll be posting all of the entries over the next few weeks (the printable ones, anyway).