Much like you, Denton and I are unabashed Remy loyalists. If the Dawg wants to come to my house, break a few bottles over my head, eat my last steak and make time with my sister, I’m totally down with it–Hell, I’d even thank him for the effort.

That’s why we must say that these new ad crawls featuring the Remdawg shilling for Jordan’s Furniture are just about the greatest friggin’ things ever invented. Especially the one shown during last night’s game, which depicted Remy sneaking up on a snoozing Elliot Tate, then knocking him off the bed by jumping on it. Here’s the video:

Holy crap, it’s like someone read the contents of my mind and turned it into a commercial. And Remy’s explanation of the whole affair is simply priceless: “Elliot’s real good about rolling off beds and stuff like that.”

Smithsonian curators, take note: You can contact the good folks at NESN for your own copy.