While my eyes tell me the Sox have been slumping lately – at least not scoring runs – the numbers tell a different story. Of course we’re talking about the same eyes that told me that chick at Copperfield’s the other night was hot and it turned out, when the dust settled, she was a dead ringer for Roy Orbison. So obviously they’re not to be trusted. The reality is, the Sox have been scoring more runs lately – and winning more games – than they did through the first two months of the season.

At the end of May, the Sox were 34-24 (.586) and were averaging 4.5 runs per game. Going into tonight’s game, the Sox were 13-8 (.619) in June and averaging 5 runs per game. All without the Biggest of Papis.

And if you think their pitching might be hurting them, it’s not. Through May the Sox averaged giving up 4.3 runs per game. To this point in June, they are giving up 4 runs per game. Sure, Paps blew a save, but the pitching has been solid.

I’m sure if I wasn’t too hung over to dig deeper, I’d probably find their batting average with runners in scoring position is down or Youk strikes out every Tuesday if Pedroia is on second base and Heidi Watney is wearing red, but what’s the point? Despite losing 3-out-of-4, the good guys were still kicking ass. But it just seemed like they weren’t getting the big hit they needed.

And look what happens. Trailing 4-1 in the 8th with just five measly hits on the night, the bats explode for 4 runs on six hits, setting the table for a Papelbon save. Wham, bam, thank you Chad Qualls, and the Sox have a great come-from-behind win to build on going into the series finale against the once-Big Unit

And it was the Captain with the game-winning hit to save the Night of the RemDawg. Gotta love these guys.