If you drive, walk or roll around this fair city enough, you notice things like handbills, flyers, posters and other bits of graffiti that come and go. Slapped up one day, torn down the next. Replaced with something else.

That’s why I love the fact that whenever I hit the on-ramp to Storrow near Mass General, I can count on seeing the Papelbon shrine on one of the overpass walls.

Okay, it ain’t really a shrine. In fact, it’s nothing more than a stenciled image of Paps surrounded by a bunch of photo handbills. But the damn thing’s been there since at least before the 2007 World Series as I can recall. And I’d swear someone adds a few more photos to it every month or so.

A friend of mine said she’d seen a similar Pap shrine in the Theatre District. Now I’m intrigued. Are there more of these across the city, like so many pairs of sneakers slung over low-hanging telephone wires, as if to announce to all who come here: This is Red Sox Country, motherf@#ker. Represent.

Let me know, please.