According to, it’s going to be 91 degrees at game time. Thanks to the humidity, it’s gonna feel like 95 degrees. This is ass-sweat, road-rage, heart-attack-and-stroke kinda heat. Not to be taken lightly. Just like the heat our own ace deals.

The VP of RSN gets it straight from the Commander:

“You come into the season and it’s one start at a time, one pitch at a time,” he said. “I try and stay fairly consistent. If I have a (expletive) outing, I’m not going to say ‘Aw (expletive), I’m not going to lift legs today. It didn’t work last time.’ I try and stay consistent, win, lose or draw. I try and be a consistent teammate, and be consistent with my work. That’s what makes me feel comfortable. I want to be able to feel that I did all of it to prepare for a certain moment and then I can just let it go

“The thing I go out and try to do is focus pitch to pitch, execute pitch to pitch. I know people get tired of me saying that, saying that it’s a cliche. But it’s not a cliche. It’s about executing (expletive) pitches. If you execute a high number of pitches you get outs and we’re trying to get as many outs as possible.”

I’m calling for a post-season-like performance from Beckett tonight. Nasty breaking stuff and high-octane fastballs – anything less, and Becks might get a little testy in his post-game interview. And if that happens in this heat, call Guinness, we might have a new world record for most F-bombs in a five-minute span. Then call the other Guinness to ease the pain.

Pitching aside, we’ve got a guy named Manny Ramirez who feasts on the Orioles. Four of Manny’s five hits off Cabrera are homers, and for the season, he is hitting .345 (10-for-29) with three doubles, three homers, 10 RBIs and six runs in the season series. If Manny is in the homerun derby this year, he should bring the Orioles’ staff to pitch to him. And Cabrera doesn’t get many people out in Fenway on a good night: he is 0-3 with an 8.41 ERA in four starts.

And let’s not forget what JD Drew is doing lately. We are seeing now…finally…what made Theo fall in love with Drew’s swing.

On to the early start, we’ve got some basketball to watch later!