His five-hundredth awesome f@#king suit, that is!

Never mind Manny’s historical Saturday night, check the threads Big Jim Ed was holding down during NESN’s post-game show. Straddling the line between Al Capone and Bootsy Collins, this suit was the exclamation point on an already superf@#kingfantastic evening.

It makes me wonder if the Hall of Fame voters are truly aware of the majesty they’d have on display at a Rice induction ceremony. Christ, if the tie in the screengrab above takes 4 “D” batteries, is there any doubt that he’d show up in Cooperstown with the world’s first nuclear-powered vest?

No doubt in my mind, buddy.

In other news… those jokes I made about Bartolo Colon? I take ’em all back. Check this cool quote from today’s Herald:

As Bartolo Colon left the field after being lifted in the seventh inning yesterday, he exchanged a few pleasantries with Orioles third base coach Juan Samuel.

Samuel’s message?

“I told him, ‘You’ve got your (expletive) back,’ ” Samuel said.

And we’ll take it, thanks.