As if it wasn’t enough to covet his rock-and-roll lifestyle, I openly envy the prime seating rocker Geddy Lee has at all Rogers Centres games, primarily for the proximity to the Toronto Beer Girls. In the latest issue of Rolling Stone, a writer accompanies Lee to Rogers, where the Jays just happen to be taking on the Sox:

Sitting with his scorecard, Lee prepares to record the at bat of Blue Jay and Rush fan Gregg Zaun, who chose the band’s ’81 hit “Limelight” as his theme music. As the towering riff rings out in the arena, Lee’s realtime image fills the jumbotron, prompting a radio announcer in Boston to ask, “Who’s the guy behind home plate who looks like Bono?”

A young headbuzzed man in a Red Sox jersey appears by our seats. “Geddy!” he calls — then bows with his hands clasped before him. “Thanks for the music, man.”

“Hi,” says Lee. “Pfft,” he asides, with a discreet grin. “Boston fan.”

Oh, as if we wouldn’t give a Jays fan a little good-natured ribbing at Fenway. Like that time we lied to Bryan Adams about the location of the nearest ATM.