And just like that, the Hazel Mae era has ended.

Myself, I’ve always dug the Haze, especially the way she proudly flexed the hotness muscle–packing herself into tops that seemed to defy the laws of physics, making an infamous thong reference on EEI (when we all know that in NESNland, TC’s more the thong type), and stating that hell, yeah, she’ll date players and co-workers if she damn well pleases–while still coming off as light years more knowledgable and professional than the Erin Andrews of the world.

The good folks at NESN put together a montage of some classic bits of Hazerobilia. If you need a fix or ever just wanted to hear Mae bust with, “Dude, my ass is burning on this thing,” then today’s your lucky day. Check it over at NESN’s Playground.

Also, Manny: please stop whackin’ your co-workers around. Kthanx.