Eight runs scored in the last six games. Manny hasn’t knocked in a run in the last ten games. Only Kevin Cash hitting over .250 in the last seven games, and that’s only because he only got in four at-bats. Start looking for the Red Sox offense on the sides of milk cartons, because it’s gone missing.

Tonight, the Rays come calling. The same Rays that swept the Sox last week, squandering three strong starts by Wake, Buchholz and Beckett. Well, time to put an end to that crap. These are the same guys that wore Devil Rays uniforms last year. The same guys the Sox beat 13 times and only lost five to, including 9-3 at home.

With Papi is seemingly out of his slump and Manny is close enough to smell his 500th, good stuff has to happen. Not that 500 is a big deal, he’s going to hit 600. He said so! Hopefully Ellsbury is back in the line-up to add a spark, and Mikey Doubles will be denting the Green Monster. Once the Sox get a big lead early, I can switch off and watch the Celts dismantle the Hawks. Happy Friday!