Confession time. When Mike Timlin came into the game, I was pretty sure it was over. When Lugo booted the double-play ball, I knew it was over. But if 2004 taught me anything, it was to keep the faith. Sure enough, Timlin and the Sox got out of the jam. In the 13th, the Orioles showed why they have been a contender since Clinton was banging interns. In the end, the Sox win 5-2 and ironically, Timlin gets the win.

After the grind, Jim Ed shows up for the post-game show sans glasses, and Tom Carron looks like he got dressed in the dark…in 1982. Or maybe that’s the ‘Gansett talking. And I think Heidi and I just had a moment.

In bigger news, the Celtics will be going to the NBA finals for the first time in 21 years. And it couldn’t be scripted any better: they’ll face the Lakers. In honor of the eighties-style match-up, I’ll be rocking the Larry Bird short-shorts, a fetching mesh tank-top, canvas high-tops, and a green headband. I live for this.