So Sean Casey’s not in his rehab stint with the PawSox for more than 24 hours and he’s already hooked up his teammates with free meat. As in steaks from the Capital Grille.

First, rehabbing Red Sox infielder Alex Cora had food from Capriccio delivered after Wednesday night’s game. Then Sean Casey followed that up with takeout from Capital Grille after yesterday’s 3-2 matinee victory.

It’s tradition for a major-leaguer who is rehabbing in the minors to treat the minor-leaguers to a deluxe meal, but having Cora and Casey around the last couple of days also sets an example for these players at Triple A.

“These guys are going to eat right with me and Cora here,” Casey said with a laugh.

“I’m having a ball with these guys,” said PawSox manager Ron Johnson as he devoured his filet mignon. “These guys are a lot of fun to be around.”

A lot of fun, indeed. Listen, anyone who stays at my place can basically piss on the floor and store rare viruses in the fridge so long as they’re bringing red meat. Because — and I believe Johnson will back me up on this — nothing rocks my world like a free f@#king steak.

Honestly, I can also see Casey handing out platinum BFF badges to all his teammates, warning them to avoid free-form jazz clubs where “everyone’s on the junk,” and offering to co-sign auto loans for any fans in the stands who are challenged by current economic conditions. He just seems like that kinda good.

And while the lads in Pawtucket were getting steaks, He Whose Beard Frightens Children was getting cookies, according to Jim Leyland:

“Our entire staff did a poor, poor job the entire series against Youkilis,” Leyland said. “Not with the thought process but executing pitches. We just gave him cookie after cookie and he just beat our brains out.”

All this plus the 1,000th career strikeout for Commander Kickass of the F@#k Yeah Brigade. Come correct!