Red: It’s The Steal. End of story. Shut down the internet, folks. It’s never going to get any better than that.

Denton: Hold on a sec. The steal was one of the most dramatic moments, yes. But the greatest? That goes to the final out of the 2004 World Series.

Red: I don’t think so. Remember, we were just a couple outs away from being swept out of the ALCS by the Yankees. In Fenway Park. Watch the tape and see Dave Roberts perform instant CPR on everyone in the place. If he’s out, we’re done. But he gave us new life. He gave us hope. He put the crazy notion in all our heads that there might just be a game five.

Denton: Again, it’s great drama. But everyone knew he was gonna steal.

Red: Everyone knew he was gonna attempt to steal. Against Posada, who’s no slouch when it comes to nailing runners. Our entire season was being bankrolled on Dave Roberts’ getaway sticks and the man came through. It was the Hollywood moment we’d been waiting for ever since Aaron Boone sat on our lunches a year earlier.

Denton: “Stabbed by Foulke.” “Red Sox fans have longed to hear it.” That moment when you realized that they actually, really did it in your lifetime. It was bigger than The Steal because it was some place we’d never been. If you want to get technical, we’d pulled victory from the jaws of certain defeat in the past; in the 1999 ALDS and the 2003 ALDS, for example. But this was the final hurdle and we’d finally cleared it.

Red: But if Roberts doesn’t steal, it’s all moot. We go home, the Yankees dance on our infield and it’s stale beer and broken glass and puffy knuckles for the lot of us. Instead, he made it. And in that instant, those precious seconds that he hoofed it down the line, anything was possible. The hot chick in accounting would let you feel her up. Your boss would give you that big raise. A computer glitch would wipe out every trace of your student loans. We were all set to put the chairs on the tables and the sheets on the chandeliers, and we ended up winning the World Series. All because of one stolen base.

Denton: I stand by my choice. Again, it was something we never thought we’d see, actually unfolding before our eyes. No disrespect to Dave Roberts, but the last out of the 2004 Series is the greatest moment.

Red: I think you might need another dose. Check this:

Denton: How did you feel after seeing that when it actually happened?

Red: How did I feel? It was a combination of relief and resurrection. Knowing that for at least one more night I could sleep in peace. Knowing that there’d be Red Sox baseball for yet another day.

Denton: And how did you feel the moment that we won it all?

Red: Like I’d inherited a penthouse suite at the corner of Blowjob and Just-Won-The-Lottery.

Denton: My point exactly.

Red: Well played, Denton. Well played.