So I was watching a DVR of one of last week’s games against the Royals (hey, anything to avoid the horror show that is the current west coast swing), and I noticed something odd when the camera followed a Lugo foul ball into the stands.

Check the guy in the center of the screencap above. Is that a f@#king guitar he’s holding? Granted, it looks pretty cool–from this angle, it would appear to have the Red Sox logo on it. But seriously, who brings a guitar to a ballgame? I mean, unless you’re Frank Zappa.

Also, thank you to everyone who entered yesterday’s DVD giveaway. We literally received hundreds of entries and I’ve somehow convinced Denton to lay off the sauce long enough for us to review ’em today and post the top five tomorrow, letting the unwashed masses decide–American Idol style–who the winner will be.