I don’t know why, but Red Sox wins that occur on holidays always seem a little sweeter. Remember the Mother’s Day comeback? And let’s face it, any road win these days is pretty special. Last night’s win in Seattle had its moments. My favorite was a shot of Bartolo Colon during the singing of God Bless America. Every face the camera panned had an expression of respect or pride or some appropriate sentiment for the day. Colon, and there’s no doubt in my mind about this, was clearly contemplating whether to grab the Domino’s Meat Lover pizza or a half dozen Quarter Pounders for his post-game meal. And not to digress, but when did God Bless America become an opera song? You can thank that dickweed in New York for it.

Last night was also Manny’s 2,000 career game. Nearing 500 homers in a total of 2,000 games seems even more impressive. I wish he’s stop thinking about it. Once he gets that off his back, he’s gonna go on a home run rampage. Anyone that’s ever bet on baseball can take that as my lock of the day.

Finally, in honor of Memorial Day, Jason Varitek wore a camouflaged chest protector and shin guards. The equipment will be auctioned off with proceeds going to the Massachusetts Soldiers Legacy Fund. Yet another reason Tek is the man. And so much better than bidding on Youk’s jock.

Dice-K versus Ichiro commences shortly. Drink up.