Sure, he can transform the occasional putout into a Spielbergian affair like this (thanks to Ian for the video):

But is Manny the best Sox left fielder ever, as he told Rob Bradford earlier this week? Jim Ed’s not so sure:

I don’t take this to be a personal insult on my play as a leftfielder; I like and respect Manny and we talk regularly at the ballpark. I do disagree with him though. Manny is a great hitter (one of the best of his era) but it is unfair to compare him to Me or Yaz or Williams because we all played in different eras. As a fielder, someone needs to let Manny know that this is a new wall that he’s playing. We used to have a different wall in left field when I played and it was much more difficult to play.

You gonna argue with a dude who went into the stands at Yankee Stadium to get his cap back from a drunken New York fan and, more importantly, can pull off nuclear-powered outfits like this?

Didn’t think so.