First things first: I didn’t watch a bloody minute of last night’s game. I hung around til 9-ish, waiting and hoping I’d see some hot Sox-on-Rays action, but there were places to go, drinks to be consumed and hot chicks to embarass myself in front of, so I had to jet. I see, however, as I rub the hangover out of my eyes this morning, that our boys pulled off a win. I’m fine with that.

Here’s something, though. As I sat through the rain delay programming all I could think was that NESN is wasting a golden opportunity here. You’ve got a captive audience, people with an insatiable thirst for new Red Sox programming, and you subject them to tennis scores and drag race highlights? People, this should be Remy Time! In Remdawg and DO, you’ve got two of the best and most beloved color guys in the business. I say pair these dudes with a camera man and set ’em loose in the tunnels of Fenway. They could interview fans (okay, we may need a ten- or twenty-second delay for this kind of stuff, to avoid some BU frat dude doing the brain on live TV, but you can certainly work that stuff out), talk to the girls working the beer taps (“Be honest: You ever drink right from the tap when no one’s looking? Are you drunk right now? Got any tattoos?”), and sit bare-assed in the popcorn machine. It’s a question right our of Broadcasting 101, peeps: Why give people an excuse to flip the channel? Imagine, rain delays could be something we actually look forward to. Plus, it’s a chance to lure folks who ordinarily wouldn’t know David Ortiz from David Lander. “It’s a downpour, honey. Flip on NESN. What will those crazy f@#kers do tonight?”

Of course, the danger here is we may never want the rain to stop. That’s the magic of Remy and DO, my friends.