And just like that, all is right in the world. Or at least in Red Sox Nation. It wasn’t always pretty, but the Sox managed to take both ends of yesterday’s doubleheader. With Beckett on the hill today, well, I think the fans should plan on bringing their brooms to Fenway. A few notables from Saturday’s games:

  • Dice-K improved to 7-0, walking just two batters over six-and-two-thirds.
  • Jacoby Ellsbury swiped his 16th base and has yet to be caught in his big league career (25).
  • Youk now has 222 consecutive games at first base without an error.
  • The Sox are 1-0 this season when wearing the red jerseys.

A 1:35 start at sunny Fenway, closing out round one of the atrocity that is inter-league play. Let’s not forget the other big game today: Celts-Cavs in game seven. We don’t talk much hoop around here, Red gets a little uncomfortable with all the “loose balls” and “penetration” in the play-by-play. But we’re still rooting for the green.