Tuesday night, bottom of the ninth, Big Papi on second. Youkilis strokes a base hit to center. Papi is on his horse, waved around as Vernon Wells charges the ball. Papi is full throttle, chugging towards a potential play at the plate. But Wells bobbles the ball, no play, game over.

Last night, bottom of the ninth, Jed Lowrie on second pinch-running for Papi. Brandon Moss – who made a highlight reel catch earlier, single up the middle. Lowrie is waved around as Wells fields this one cleanly. He comes up throwing and delivers a strike to Barajas who blocks Lowrie’s slide. Out at home.

Next batter is Tek, Manny on second. Another shot up the middle and here we go again. Wells again comes up throwing but this time it’s a little off-line and Manny slides in ahead of the tag. Game over. Manny bounces up from the slide, slams his helmet to the ground, and the home plate fiesta begins for the second night in a row.

What a pair of performances from Lester and Dice-K. Not too shabby were Doc and McGowan either, but it’s safe to say we showed the “if they stay healthy” Jays what’s up in the AL East this year.

It’s performances like the last two that inspire visions of Jeets and A-Rod snuggling under a nice afghan sipping tea and watching the post-season on television. Between movies on the WE channel of course. Oh, and this helps too.