And I thought I was pretty pumped for Colon’s first game in a Red Sox uniform. Check the home plate ump’s flirtation with interpretive dance on this third strike call in the first inning. The guy put so much bad English on that call, I thought I was seeing things… until Remy called him on histrionics. Check it, courtesy of our friends at NESN (who could basically have us deported by now if they so desired):

Otherwise, a respectable debut for Colon, a 6-for-9 night for the potent Ellsbury ‘n’ Elf combo, and our sixth straight win despite a struggling Manny. But it all comes down to pitching, pitching, pitching, and we seem to be filthy with it now. Pitching’s what wins ballgames, folks. Well, pitching and laser-equipped killer robots. But Major League Baseball’s still holding a hard line where the latter is concerned. Those pussies.