Last night, when it became apparent that Josh Beckett was like the 400-pound gorilla they simply weren’t going to knock off the bicycle, the Yankees resorted to schoolyard tactics yet again, attempting to throw Commander Kick Ass off his game by showcasing the Stolichnaya Vodka ads behind homeplate, as seen in the screencap above. Kinda like how the Blue Jays used to proudly display the “Mr. Subs” ads whenever David Wells pitched against them.

“Come on, Josh,” you could almost hear them saying. “Wouldn’t you rather be sucking down some ice-cold Russian Instant Breakfast instead of laying waste to our line-up?” And during that blip in the fifth inning, it looked as if they might be breaking him down.

But, lucky for us, the plan backfired for two reasons: One, Beckett was a man on a mission (not to mention the guy with Manny Ramirez on his team). And two, he was likely already drunk.

Anyway, we’re back at Friendly Fenway tonight for 75 degree temperatures, the prettiest girls in the world, and Matsuzaka taking on the Rangers. As Beckett would tell you, it is good to be the king.

Also, the second greatest comedy troupe of all time, the Kids in the Hall, who somehow managed to make one of the lamest comedy films of all time, Brain Candy, were in town last night at the Wang. As an homage, we present the following classic KITH sketches: