Where do I begin? Phillip Hughes took 65 pitches to get out of the second inning while spotting the Sox six runs. For those of you scoring at home, that’s 152 pitches in his last two outings – both losses – and a total of five innings. Who needs a Johan Santana when you’ve got that? I’m betting Cashman took the day off to update his resume. And how about MDC striking out A-Rod to cap off his 0-for-5 night? Nasty.

Dice-K was pretty scary…in a bad way. Hopefully just the cold weather but he couldn’t find home plate with a GPS. It was like watching Lester pitch. The bullpen – without Oki and Paps – stepped up and preserved the win. Francona had the second-worst managerial move of the weekend (saved by Joey G pitching to Manny on Saturday) when he brought in Timlin to face Giambi. Recap – he tried that move Friday and Giambi homered. Same thing last night, followed by a single by Molina and a quick exit for Mr. Timlin and his 81.00 ERA.

What was the over-under on Joe Morgan using the word “balance” when talking about Manny hitting and “hands” when talking about Youk hitting?

Round two in the Bronx later this week after a short visit to Cleveland.