After two miserable losses in the Great White North, we turn to our stopper. Josh. El Beckko. Commander Kick Ass of the F@#k Yeah Brigade. Not that Doc Halladay’s any sort of push-over, but with Beckett on the hill for his first start of the season, coming off a Cy Young-calibre 2007, knowing his team’s in an 0-for-6 skid against Toronto and trying to avoid the sweep, and no doubt tired of watching the Jays knock down his teammates and steal their lunch money the last couple days, the wise man bets on Boston. In fact, I fully expect him to enter the Rogers Centre today like Luke Skywalker strolling into Jabba’s den in Return of the Jedi, dark cloak pulled over his eyes, scattering the masses with a wave of his hand, and servicing at least three of the Toronto Beer Girls simultaneously between innings.