Look here, land dwellers. The guy’s finally seeing some big league action. Think he’s gonna just sit back and let Doc Halladay mow down his boys? F@#k, no. He’s gonna step it up a notch. They’re all gonna step it up a notch. Because nobody wants to see the losing streak hit six games on home turf. There’s also a small matter of payback, for what happend up at the Rogers Centre earlier this month. They mopped us up but good. But now they’re in our house. So it’s time to turn the tables. Listen, under water, I don’t get a lot of chances to bet on baseball. But I’d put money on a Jon Lester victory tonight. Aquaman has spoken! You wanna argue with a guy who can sic eels on your worthless sack during yer next family outing to the Vineyard? Didn’t think so, buddy.