I see in the comments from one of yesterday’s posts how some of you were so excited that Superman was able to predict a Dice-K win. People, there’s absolutely nothing special about that. The guy can change the course of mighty rivers and, by flying around the planet ultra fast, reverse or fast-forward time. All he did was zip ahead a couple hours, check the boxscores, then zip back to make his “bold” proclamation. But I have no such power over space and time. I’m just a guy who can shrink to the size of an atom. So I really have nothing to back up my prediction that Lester will roll this afternoon other than a solid belief in the guy. Nothing flashy, no bending of steel girders. Just me and my miniature puffy hand, throwing what little support I can behind Jon Lester. You wanna laugh, go right ahead. But when it’s 3:15, I’ll be the guy sneaking out under my office door to catch the game down at the pub, while you’re stumbling over the MacKenzie Report. Chew on that, assface.