Swept out of the Rogers Center like an expansion team. The ace and expected Cy Young candidate can’t get out of the fifth inning. Three errors by Julio Lugo. A one-pitch disaster by the other Manny. A rare basement appearance for the Sox. And not a surprise, the rumblings have started of the possible after-affects of the travel. It all begs the question: how’s your faith?

Me, I learned my lesson back in ’04. Even if the Sox are being impacted by the schedule, it won’t last. Nothing to set things straight like a little home cookin‘. Getting a nice chunk of gold with 40,000 screaming fans cheering your accomplishment is sure to help shake the cobwebs off. And the looming April showdown with the Yankees better be enough to get these guys firing on all cylinders.

Well, I’m fresh out of cliches for now. Is anybody out there really worried?