Well, Red Sox Nation got exactly the start they needed from Mr. Buchholz, unfortunately the Yankees got the start of a lifetime out of Chien-Ming Wang. If Bobby Abreu’s spikes had actually left the ground when he “leaped” to try to catch J.D. Drew’s very catchable home run ball, we could be looking at a no-hitter in the box scores this morning. But Abreu’s vertical remains at zero, and Coco added a bunt single in the ninth, leaving Wang with a stellar two-hit, complete game, 93 pitch performance. Tip of the cap, and all that.

Buchholz looked solid, a very encouraging sight, giving up just one run on four hits in his six innings. He left the game knotted at one, then the trouble began. Terry Francona has reached near-Belichick status in Boston, and rightly so, but that doesn’t put him above criticism. Bringing in Timlin in the seventh was a mistake, end of story.

On the lighter side, have you ever heard of a pitcher having “electric stuff?” Rays’ reliever Al Reyes has!
See you at 3:55.