Ahhh, to be a Yankees fan. Basking in the glory of 26 rings, sweet memories of Don Mattingly and the House that Ruth Built. Except the years since a championship are piling up, a new stadium is being built, and George is no longer in charge. There’s a new sheriff in town, and he is not happy. Neither are the fans.

Both New York papers feasted on the comments made by the very vocal Hank Steinbrenner. The most notable thrashing came from Mike Lupica at the New York Daily News:

He doesn’t sound like the owner of the Yankees, he sounds like a guy at the end of the bar sometimes. This time he was running his mouth on Joba the way Joba’s fastball occasionally runs in on righthanded batters, saying that only “idiots” can’t see he belongs in the starting rotation with 100-mph stuff, that if he were the big boss last summer he never would have let the Yankees – read: Brian Cashman – send Joba to the bullpen in the first place.


Clay Buchholz, one of the Red Sox kid pitchers, got roughed up at the Stadium last Wednesday night. Yesterday he threw six shutout innings at Fenway against the Rangers. It’s a long season. Somebody from the newspaper call Hank and tell him that. He will run off his general manager acting this way in April.
Maybe he wants to.

So yeah, I love the turmoil in New York as much as I love watching the Yankees lose. And where are those Blue Jays we heard so much about?