He does! Seriously! You’re up there, thinking you’re getting on his nerves by giving him what for from the bleachers and grandstands and barrooms and street corners and strip clubs. But he’s just transforming it into righteous, Sox-crushing power.

It’s true! He even told the Boston Herald!

“The fans pulled me on,” said Renteria, who played the 2005 season with the Sox. “When the fans boo me, that’s real exciting. I like it. I like it when they boo me. When they boo you, that means you’re something else. They don’t boo bad players.”

Personally, I’ve been a big fan of Edgar’s ever since he tried to save that drowning woman in Boston Harbor. What, you don’t remember that?

Actually, the one thing that kept haunting me while watching last night’s loss to the Tigers wasn’t Lowell’s thumb or Papi’s bat, but a snippet I’d read in ESPN The Magazine’s recent 2008 baseball preview:

“Jon Lester is a back-of-the-rotation guy,” says an AL scout. “If he was the difference between getting Johan Santana or not, [the Red Sox] made a mistake.”


Also, because NESN’s showing some playoff game in that sport where they wear skates, tonight’s Sox game will be relocated. In Boston, it’s on CN8. Check the full channel list here, and set your DVRs accordingly.