Bill Buckner had another heartfelt homecoming, wiping tears from his eyes as he walked to the mound to throw the first pitch. Li’l Johnny Pesky got to hoist the championship flag. Hideki Okajima nodded politely to everyone in attendance and had a look of gobsmacked wonder throughout the proceedings. All this plus the ever-classy Dewey Evans, getting a bit misty-eyed himself as he caught the first pitch from his former teammate.

A lot of emotion during yesterday’s Fenway opener. Lots of good stuff for the memory books.

So why is it the thing that got me so choked up was watching Doug Mirabelli get his ring?

I was never a big Dougie fan during his tenure. But somehow, I found myself replaying the bit where he gets his ring — presented below — over and over again. Check the first time we see him, seemingly chatting up the blonde who’s co-ordinating the show. Classic Doug. Then the slow, sure-footed saunter from the dugout. The way his oversized coat flows, almost like a cape. The simple, “aw, shucks” happiness pouring from a dude who’d look right at home greeting you at the local Jiffy Lube. I can’t look at the damn thing without getting teary-eyed.

Curse you, Mirabelli! I curse you and I love you all at once.

After Doug’s entrance, check Commander Kick Ass, who has that slightly bemused, “how dare you get me out of bed before 3:00pm?” look about him as he ambles out to get his ring.

A great day. A great win. All that was missing was Tina Cervasio, Hazel Mae and Leeann Tweeden asking me to judge them in a “best ass” contest. And that’ll be taking place roughly 45 minutes from now… in my mind.