I’m glad to see The Man of Steel does not lie. Dice-K did, in fact, sack the f@#k up. Choose your cliche to describe last night’s domination:

Spun a gem
Dealt a beauty
Pounded the strike zone
Painted the corners

I’ll go with all of the above. Nine K’s in six-and-two-thirds, two hits and zero-point-zero walks. I’ve gotta be honest: I’m not at all surprised. As the season wears on and the weather warms up, I expect to see a lot more outings like this. Last season was last season. Lots of adjustments, blah, blah, blah. The opener this season, come on, it was in his home country. Dice-K not ending up in the fetal position on the mound in a pool of his own urine was a miracle, anything beyond that was gravy.

Cinco de Blanton did not fare so well. The A’s might want to think about yanking Joe after five innings. In his first two outings, Blanton has allowed a total of one run on nine hits in the first five, but melted in the sixth allowing four runs on five hits.

The Beard of Destiny had a nice night at the plate with a triple and a coupla singles and Tek broke out with a couple of hits – one a should-have-been home run. Nomar…I mean Manny had a hit in his first at-bat but inexplicably swung at the first pitch in his next three appearances. The runs? A hot date after the game? Manny being Manny in game three of the season I guess.

Papelbon came in and blew away anyone who stepped up to the plate in the ninth. Ball game.

Day-game Wednesday: fire up your MLB.com account at the office and don’t accept any meetings after 3:00PM, it’s baseball season.