Finally, the marathon of opening days is over. And what a way to cap them off. A great ceremony – or so I hear as I was stuck earning some suit in a corner office a nice bonus to spend on his “other woman.” The Sox made it a day for the fans, bringing out former champions from the four major Boston teams, cranking Sweet Caroline on the big screen – not quite live but almost – and having Bill Buckner throw out the first pitch to Dwight Evans. Oh, and there was a baseball game too.

The story of the day: Dice-K. Six-and-two-thirds shut-out ball and an easy, albeit looong, 5-0 win. The bullpen righty/lefty combo of MDC and Oki closed the door, sending the trendy-pick-to-win-the-AL Tigers off to an 0-7 start. Get ready to send the National Guard to Detroit if we sweep.

And now, I feel like the season is officially under way.