The last time the Sox were here, the Injuns tried to throw Commander Kick Ass off his game by using the old “Hey, here’s that chick you used to bang” manuever. Awfully shrewd on their part. But they sadly forgot that Josh Beckett is a man who looks forward, not backward, and all he had in his sights was chewing off Ryan Garko’s ass. And lest anyone forget Garko’s infamous comments that provided the critical piece of clubhouse bulletin board fodder, Manny Delcarmen is more than happy to bring it up again:

“It’s going to be exciting,” said Red Sox reliever Manny Delcarmen. “I think it will be a good battle just because [we remember] being down, 3-1, and we remember [Ryan] Garko’s comments about the champagne and all that. It should be pretty exciting to go back over there, and, hopefully, we come out on top.”

So it’s not playoff crazy. We’ll still be there, cap in hand, beer at the ready. See you at 7:05.