For years we’ve been hearing the mantra “if they stay healthy, they can compete” regarding the Toronto Blue Jays. And every year they don’t stay healthy and don’t compete. This year looks to be the same (see BJ Ryan). So, I can only hope that Tony Maz is trying to play some type of lame-ass April Fools joke with his article today.

Baseball usually comes down to pitching, after all, and here is the truth: The Jays have the deepest staff in the division. What Toronto needs now is to find a way to stay healthy, particularly after consecutive seasons in which injuries have derailed a Jays team that, at times, has pitched and hit with the very best clubs in baseball.

“Baseball usually comes down to pitching?” Tony has been hanging out on WEEI too much and has become Master of the Obvious. The real truth is this: the Jays will not stay healthy because they have too many injury-prone players. Burnett has only had 30 starts once in his seven seasons as a starter. Halladay has been able to stay on the field for the past couple of years, but BJ Ryan is on the DL as is Casey Janssen. Eckstein’s at-bats have been dropping every year, Rolen is already on the DL, and how long can guys like the Big Hurt and Matt Stairs produce?

So, was this an April Fools joke, or just an April fool?