The road trip continues. Tonight, it’s the Great White North. Tim Wakefield enters Thunderdome to take on the “if they stay healthy” Blue Jays. The Globe’s Eric Wilbur shares my doubts about the Jays’ chances. Tony Maz and the rest of the Toronto bandwagoners will eat their words with a side of Canadian Bacon and wash them down with a frosty Molsen by September. The Red Sox will set them squarely on the path to third place starting tonight.

The biggest game in the series might be tomorrow night with Clay Buchholz starting. With Bartolo Colon progressing, Buchholz may end up heading south on 95 if he doesn’t start pitching better. His double-digit spring training ERA isn’t going to cut it now that the games count.
But tonight, in Wake we trust. He’s 15-10 lifetime against the Blue Jays and if the bats continue to shake off the winter rust, he should be able to keep the likes of Shannon Stewart, Gregg Zaun and Matt Stairs off balance.

Unfortunately, there is no superhero named “Knuckleball Man” to headline the post. Other than Wake himself, of course.