Is this serious? The Red Sox rivalry with the Yankees “in hibernation?” I’m not sure what secluded tropical island he’s been vacationing on during the off-season, but I think the rivalry is pretty healthy. In his post yesterday, after a rather lengthy story about not being able to fit into a pair of shorts, came this:

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re a long way from 2004, when this
rivalry hit its apex. Between the Jason Varitek-Alex Rodriguez dustup and the remarkable ALCS comeback, the storied antagonism between the two teams was at an all-time high. It wasn’t fueled in the front offices (although the offseason A-Rod chase might have initiated things), but on the field, where a certain distaste between the teams festered. Since then, it’s stayed afloat, with moments like Johnny Damon’s jumping ship at the forefront. But it’s never been as good. It’s difficult to imagine how it possibly can be.

I seem to remember a few on-field “dust-ups” last season, don’t you? Mike Lowell ring any bells? And here is where stand up and disagree passionately:

It’s not just hard to hate the Yankees today. It’s sort of hard to hate them at all these days.

The first part of the quote was in reference to the Yankees visiting the Virginia Tech campus. I am not heartless, I give the Yanks props for this. Even though a dark spot in my heart wonders if Shelley Duncan gave out any autographs with his “Red Sox suck” signature. But the second part of the quote? It’s hard to hate them at all these days? Not sure about the rest of Red Sox Nation (or even SG Nation) but I have no problem hating them. It’s what we do here.

Finally, he takes a dump on the new Red Sox Nation commercial, calling it “about as embarrassing as the proud Yankee patriarch could have hoped for.”

Call me a silly fan, but I kind of like it. Per Red’s request, it even features The Pappet…