This story is reminder number 3,493 of how happy I am that the Red Sox did not end up with A-Rod on their roster a few years ago.

Rodriguez said he felt discomfort Thursday and the shoulder bothers him when he throws.

“Just a little bit,” Rodriguez said before Friday’s game against Houston, in which he was the DH. “I certainly wouldn’t miss a game during the regular season, or have to DH. But I think right now, it’s just being smart.”

Rodriguez took part in all drills Friday except the 10-minute throwing session. At that time, he took extra grounders at third.

“I probably won’t throw for a couple days,” Rodriguez said. “The swing is good.”

So his shoulder doesn’t bother him when he swings the bat, only when he throws? Let me translate: “I want to hit bombs off pitchers who are still shaking off the winter rust but I don’t feel like playing the infield right now.”

What a bitch.