Manny Ramirez, who the press would like to remind you is a bad influence of a layabout who cares nothing for his teammates or the fans or wounded American veterans, had a gift for Dustin Pedroia for winning the 2007 ROY: A Rolex watch. But dig on the crazy way he presented it to the Elf, according to ProJo, via Sox & Dawgs:

The Red Sox slugger presented the second baseman with a Rolex watch for winning the American League Rookie of the Year in 2007. Ramirez handed Pedroia a box and then hit it pretty hard with his bat, denting the box. When Pedroia opened it all he could say was “Damn!”

So let me get this straight: He hands Elf the box, then hits it with his bat. If that doesn’t spell awesome, I’m not sure what does. And the love-fest only continued from there:

“He’s a great kid with a great heart,” said Ramirez, who also bought Pedroia a few new suits to wear on the road last season. “I love him. He’s got a great personality and I don’t care what he does on the field because, as a person, he’s such a great guy. You can talk to him and he’s always happy and working hard.”

In other news, Julian Tavarez is offering one free handjob to the teammate who hits the first home run of the 2008 season. We assume it’s from a female prostitiute, but you can never be quite sure with Jools.