As the glorious Amalie points out, Manny ain’t just wishin’ and hopin’ the Sox pick up his options, he’s convinced it’s fait accompli. Almost like he’s hitched a ride with Doc and Marty and seen the shape of things to come:

“They’re not stupid,” Ramirez said, of the Red Sox. “They know. They know I can play and I’m ready. That’s it. I’m going to get the two options, then I’m going to get a four-year deal. I’m just going to go and get it.”

I think we’re in for a monster year from Manny, involving bold new heights of ass whoopage. And that makes me happy.

Speaking of happy, several astute readers brought this to my attention, also from Amalie’s blog:

We missed a flight, lost our bags, then found them again, and got here 24 hours later than planned. So, while I’m sure none of you want to know our saga, the good news is I won’t be forced into purchasing Hello Kitty attire for my first TV spot of the regular season.

Oh, Ms. Benjamin… if you only knew the sort of attire you’ve been cavorting in within the twisted confines of my brain.