Yes, it’s something of a buzzkill to go back to grapefruit city after a couple actual games, but part of what will have me glued to the TV tonight is the spectacle of seeing Manny playing the Coliseum’s almost non-existant left field in front of over 115,000 people. I mean, if the guy routinely drops into the left field scoreboard at Fenway for a whizz or a sammich, what’s he gonna do here? Jump into the second row of seats to quaff a few mid-game brewskis? Trade autographs for hot dogs with some front-row denizens? Or just mill through the stands to pose for photos and chat up the locals?

On the other side of the coin, I’ve been harboring an increasingly morbid fascination with just how many times Jason Varitek could strike out this season. As the Globe tells us, the Cap’n struck out all three times he batted last night, which, if you factor in his six Ks in eight at bats in Japan, gives him nine strike outs in his last 11 at bats.

All this plus Joe Torre and the possibility of sightings of old friends Nomar and D-Lowe? If that ain’t must-see TV, what is?