Realizing that I’ll be spending the next 24 hours in an alarmingly baseball-free state, I sought refuge in a stack of old Sox yearbooks. And I found myself particularly taken with the 1982 edition, which subjects each player to a round of “20 questions”, asking them everything from their favorite movie to which foreign country they’d like to visit.

My personal fave is The Eck, who, when asked about his favorite type of music, proudly responds with “Acid Rock and Roll.” I like that, because he’s showing us all the lengths to which he goes to rock out. Ordinary “rock and roll” is fine for you weekend squires whose toughest tasks involve mowing the lawn and taking out the garbage. But when you’re staring down the likes of Reggie Jackson in the sixth inning with bases packed, you need to call on the power of acid rock and roll, motherf@#ker. Otherwise, what’s the point? That’s what separates Eck from the common man. We’re just sitting here, bobbing our heads to Maroon 5, while he’s raising fire and brimstone on the back of a dragon, thrashing shit up but good.

More intriguing, however, is the Eck’s favorite movie: On Golden Pond. The f@#k? Somehow, I just can’t see The Magic Moustache finding escape in any flick starring Katherine Hepburn, so I’ll just assume he’s actually referencing some obscure Japanese flick of the same name that involves werewolves, mutant dinosaurs and an elite team of space babes from space.

Meanwhile, it would seem that Clay Buchholz has been with the team before. Only back then, his name was John Lickert:

And the Kielty watch is on, folks. And though I can’t begrudge him a desire to play every day, I’m hoping he sticks around.

Lastly, thanks to Clayah, our Girl in L.A., who attended Saturday’s spectacle at the Coliseum, and offers photographic evidence of love transcending sports rivalry boundaries. On a Monday morning, facing a week’s worth of meetings and business trips and late night Sox games, it’s just the sort of thing we needed.