I don’t know why I keep finding these stories, but I do. I can’t wait for Millar’s response to this:

Here is a story that illustrates how beaten down Orioles fans are now:
A man I know gave blood the other day. It was a noble gesture, a selfless act. But instead of just giving him juice and a cookie when it was all over, the blood-drive people also gave him a Kevin Millar Orioles T-shirt.The man looked at it and sighed.”This is what we have to look forward to,” he said. “Kevin Millar. This is our superstar.”
Ladies and gentlemen, when a paunchy 36-year-old who hit .254 last year is your superstar, your team is probably in trouble.

The O’s are, no doubt, in trouble. I predict a fifth place AL East finish with 90+ losses. And a pants-less Millar stepping to the plate with “Trade me back to Boston” tattooed on his ass.