The Sox are known to keep a loose clubhouse. But apparently it ain’t nothing compared to how they roll in Philadelphia:

The Phillies executed an elaborate prank on [Kyle] Kendrick, one so believable that it had their 23-year-old starting pitcher convinced that he needed to be on a 7:05 a.m. Delta Airlines flight today, connecting in Atlanta for the 14-hour, 30-minute trip to Tokyo. The accomplices in the ruse included assistant general manager Ruben Amaro Jr.; manager Charlie Manuel; Frank Coppenbarger, director of team travel and clubhouse service; Kendrick’s agent, Joe Urbon; pitcher Brett Myers; and pretty much everybody else in the clubhouse.

“They got me,” Kendrick said later. “I thought it was a done deal. I thought it really happened. Gosh, good thing it didn’t.”

What’s amazing here, outside of a grown man using the word “gosh”, is how many folks chipped in to bust Kendrick’s stones. Check the link for the whole story.

Also, here’s some audio.

Thanks to my man Matt for keeping me advised on things beyond the Red Sox.