Lots of coverage of the Sox’ visit to the White House, including full video of the proceedings from Boston.com/NECN and some highlights of the President’s address.

As has been well documented, the Commander-in-Chief made reference to Manny’s ailing grandmother in trying to explain his absence, but the comment that struck me was when he thanked The PapelBot for wearing pants. Check it, the leader of the free world really said this:

“And how about Jonathan Papelbon? The guy pitches almost as well as he dances. And I appreciate the dress code. Thanks for wearing pants.”

I’m guessing that’s the first time a President has ever thanked someone for wearing pants, with the possible exception of when J. Edgar Hoover was visiting the White House back in the day.

Speaking of the Bot, the AP photo at the top of this post intrigued me. What’s that can he’s got in his hand? Sure, it’s probably a Coke Zero or some kinda energy drink. But I guess deep down inside I want it to be a Miller Lite or Budweiser. Because there’s nothing cooler to me than the thought of Papelbon showing up at the White House gates, finshing off the last few sips of his brewski, then bouncing the empty can off an MP’s helmet.

Meanwhile, Ortiz looks like he’s heading off to teach Classic Russian Literature at Oxford. Replace that bag in his hand with an umbrella and give him a bowler hat, and you’ve got the full John Steed, I’d say.

Oh, and if you see Manny, tell him the state has his $10,000.