I like to think that the beginning of the end for the Yankees came when the team picked up A-Rod. But Jumpin’ Joe Torre thinks the wheels came off the wagon–at least for him–when the Yanks pulled the single biggest choke in postseason baseball history back in 2004:

“The last 3 years were difficult. I think it started probably with losing to the Red Sox. Because that becomes a mortal sin,” he said. “And even though the Red Sox were obviously a very good team that year, we got lucky early. They didn’t play well. Then we had two leads in Games 4 and 5 we couldn’t hold onto. Since that time, it may be a little too strong to say [the Yankees] wanted to make a change.”

I don’t know about you, but reading stuff like this makes me want to strike up the brass band and hunker down with my 2004 ALCS DVDs and a couple bottles of scotch. Hey, that’s how I roll.