Just got around to reading Rob Bradford’s account of The Elf’s workout habits from Friday’s Herald. And it’s a killer.

“I’m getting jacked,” Pedroia yells at Mike Karney, staring down the 5-foot-10, 258-pound NFL fullback as he passes by the group of major leaguers. “Pound for pound, I’m the strongest man in this room.”

Pedroia lies flat on a bench, primed to bench press the kind of weighty dumbbells he could only dream of lifting when he first walked into the training center after the 2006 season. With the likes of the Devil Rays’ Carl Crawford, the Diamondbacks’ Conor Jackson and the Orioles’ Brian Roberts all urging him on, Pedroia grunts his way through a full set. That’s when the fun starts.

Pedroia immediately throws his weights to the ground, jumps up, rips off his gray, cutoff T-shirt and runs across the room to a window separating him from the collection of 300-pound offensive linemen. “That’s right!” he yells at his football-playing counterparts, flexing with a purpose that would make Arnold Schwarzenegger proud.

Hey, we joke about NESN giving this guy his own show, but seriously… why the hell not? A couple hours of Dustin gettin’ lickered up and then parading through the streets of Boston with his cronies? I’m down with that. Let me also give Dustin my vote for “Red Sox Player Who Could Most Convincingly Pull Off Joe Pesci’s ‘Why Am I So Funny’ Bit From GoodFellas On Any Given Saturday Night at The Beacon Hill Pub.”

Meanwhile, Manny’s playing Let’s Make a Deal yet again, auctioning off one of his custom cars on eBay to benefit Brighton’s Franciscan Hospital for Children. Bidding’s at about $37,000 right now. What say we all pitch in and make a run at it? I’ve got at least 18 bucks I can throw down.