Because I’m pretty tired of hearing about Roger Clemens’ ass. And all the things that were or were not injected into it. It’s starting to sound like a bad episode of Oz.

Anyone surprised by the brash, I’m-above-everyone-and-all-the-rules attitude Clemens displays must not have been around in Boston back in Clemens’ early days. In 1988, still a young hayseed who would be mucking out horse stalls if not for his amazing right arm, issued the infamous “we have to carry our own bags” comment. He also bitched about not having valet parking and having to walk. Almost twenty years and countless records later, what else would you expect?

Well, the past couple of days I’ve Googled “shirtless Manny Ramirez” and “Roger Clemens ass” so I expect a call from Human Resources any minute.